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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  This series of pictures really does tell the story of a mission trip to Jamaica to be part of summer camp.

The 2010 Jamaica Mission Trip began at 6:30 a.m. on              Arriving in Kingston, they wondered what they had gotten
July 9th with 15 team members and 30 bags.  We were off       into!!!
to the airport.
Saturday we had a fun day at Dunn's River Falls and a lunch of Jerk Chicken.
 at the falls Caribb sea
falls CHicken Lunch
 The team also had a chance to try some of the local fruits.
Gynup Coconut  
Sunday we went to Church and Billy did the communion Meditation.  Before his sermon, Jeff was given a gift in recognition
of the projects CCM has accomplished over the last few years.  It was a heart felt thank you from Braeton Church.
Bill Communion MeditationCCM Recognition
Becky and Jamie helped in children's church.
Becky in children's church Children's church
Monday Morning (and every other morning) began with flag raising and the Jamaican National Anthem.  Their National Anthem
is a hymn that begins "Eternal Father bless our land, guide us with thy mighty hand."
Flag Raising Flag Raising 2
  flag pole Flag
Devotions followed flag raising.  Each group had their favorite spot.  There was always a group under the almond tree.
Devotions 2 Devotions
Then it was time for dorm inspection.  The boy's dorms competing against each other and the girls also doing their best to
have the cleanest and neatest dorm.
 Boy's Dorm Inspection Girl's Dorm Inspection
Finally, it is time to line up for breakfast!  Fried dumplings, my favorite
Line up for breakfast Fried Dumplings
After breakfast we began the classes for the day.  First a Bible class, then a family life class.  The team all
took their turn teaching.
Becky Teaching  Billy Teaching
Eddy Teaching Vickie Teaching
Then on to chapel for praise and worship and a short message.
Chapel Chapel 2
The camp cook, Janice (pronounced Janeece) kept us well fed.
Hand craft was definately a favorite time of day.  It also gave the team hands on, one on one time
with the campers.
Hand craft 1 Hand craft 2
Hand craft 3 Hand craft 4
Hand craft 5 Hand craft 6
Hand craft 7 Hand craft 8
Each evening ends with a camp fire service.  This is where most decisions are made and specific needs are prayed for.
Campfire 1 Campfire 2
Of course the reason we do all of this is for children to come to know Christ.  We had eight baptisms the first week. 
Here they are right before their baptism.   The Jamaican Pastor Damion Holness and the American Pastor Bobby McDaniel
shared the blessing of getting to baptize these young people as they began their new walk in Christ.
Eight candidates Baptism
During the second week of camp there were three young men who made the decision to give their lives to the Lord and
be baptized.
2nd week baptism 1 2nd week baptism 2
2nd week baptism 3
We had an opportunity to see some of our favorite friends.
Lisan Lisan and Mrs. Mitchel
Kaysha and Kayden

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