hildren of the Caribbean Foundation was founded on June 1, 2010 by Julien Adams and Rosie Hodge-Adams. Built on the premise that Every Child Matters, the charity provides relief and assistance to children across the globe. The Foundation’s efforts are geared to resolving the ongoing struggles that some children face every day – poverty, hunger, illiteracy and disease – and to replace these struggles with hope for the future.


Our Goal is to give children the opportunity to achieve personal growth, and to realize their dreams in a healthy environment without regard to race, creed or place of origin.


Our Mission is to create lasting positive change in the lives of children so that they may reach their fullest potential.


Recognizing that the extent of child poverty is not just dependent on family income, but also on the availability of infrastructure and services such as healthcare, education and social services, Children of the Caribbean focuses its efforts in the areas of Education, Healthcare, Social Development and Climate Change.



Esther Joo

Corporate Officer

Lawnie Grant, Esq.

Legal & Compliance

Elmo Johnson

Event Coordinator
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Island Field Manager